April 27/28th 1942 Tirpitz Raid

Despite the lack of impact made on the target, Tirpitz, during the Mach 30/31 attack, Winston Churchill remained determined that Tirpitz must be sunk or crippled, and another attack from the air was planned.

Once again, Halifax bomber aircraft from 10, 35 and 76 Squadrons were to be used flying from the same advanced bases as before. In addition, six Lancasters from 44 Squadron and six Lancasters from 97 Squadron were to fly from Lossiemouth.

As with the attack in March, this operation was to be carried out in two phases. The aircraft from 44, 76 and 97 Squadrons who would each carry a 4,000 lb bomb to be dropped from 6,000 feet would open the attack. They would also carry 500lb bombs to use against flak and searchlight positions.

The second phase would see the mine carrying 10 and 35 Squadron Halifax aircraft fly over the Tirpitz at an incredible 150 feet to drop the mines along the length of the ship between the ship and the shore. Each Halifax was to carry four 1,000 lb mines.

In the event that Tirpitz could not be located the alternative target given for all Squadrons were the German ships Prinz Eugen, Admiral Hipper and Admiral Scheer who were lying in Lofjord two miles to the north of Fættenfjord.

On April 23rd 1942, the aircraft from the five squadrons arrived at their advanced bases in the North East of Scotland. The crews were briefed on April 25th but were prevented from taking off on the 25th and 26th due to haar, a coastal sea fog which blights the North East coast of Scotland at any time of year. It was not until 1650 hrs on the 27th April that the crews were told "Ops on".

At 2001 hrs DBST on the 27th April the first of the 43 bomber aircraft commenced take off. Two Halifaxes and one Lancaster returned early due to technical problems. The remaining 40 aircraft continued to Norway. The night was brightly lit by the moon and there were no clouds.

Phase one of the attack commenced with the leading Lancaster from 44 Squadron flying over Tirpitz and dropping its 4,000 lb bomb at 0006 hrs. At this time the target was clearly visible, but within minutes smoke barrels and smoke ships that were strategically placed around the fjords began to emit a thick and acrid blanket of smoke which soon covered the fjord and shipping making it extremely difficult for the aircraft to locate the Tirpitz or other ships.

The second phase commenced with the 35 Squadron Halifaxes followed by 10 Squadron flying low up the fjord. By this time Tirpitz was totally obscured by the smoke screen and the crews had to rely on an outcrop of rock above where Tirpitz was berthed as an aiming point.

Due to the low level that the aircraft were flying at they encountered AA fire not only from below the aircraft, but also raining down on them from the AA batteries on the cliffs above the fjord.

Several of the attacking aircraft were hit and crashed in the target area.

Five of the forty aircraft that took off failed to return.

From 10 Squadron:
W1037 ZA-U flown by F/L Miller and crew. Crash landed in a fjord after being shot down killing two of the crew members. The remainder of the crew were captured and taken POW.

W1041 ZA-B flown by Wing Commander Bennett and crew. Hit by AA fire, the crew bailed out while the aircraft flew on itself until crashing near Flornes. Three of the crew were subsequently captured and taken POW while the remainder evaded capture and made it to Sweden and back to the UK.

From 35 Squadron:
W1020 TL-K flown by Pilot Officer Pooles and crew crashed into a hillside about seven miles from Tirpitz at Borås with the loss of all onboard.

W1048 TL-S flown by Pilot Officer MacIntyre and crew made a successful crash landing on the frozen Lake Hoklingen. The crew escaped and evaded with the exception of the Flight Engineer, Vic Stevens who had been injured in the crash landing and was unable to walk far.

From 97 Squadron:
L7572 OF-L flown by F/L MacKid and crew. Hit by AA fire and caught fire plunging to the ground with the loss of all crew onboard near Ausetvatnet.

The 35 remaining aircraft returned to Scotland landing in the early hours of the morning on 28th April.

The RAF PRU aircraft flew over Tirpitz on the 28th of April and photographs taken showed that no damage had been sustained by Tirpitz despite the twenty 4,000 lb bombs and 44 mines that the aircraft had dropped overnight. At midday the crews were told that they were to fly again that night to the same target.

The map below shows the location of Tirpitz in Fættenfjord and the positions of flak guns, smoke vessels, searchlights and other German shipping.

The 10 Squadron Aircraft and Crews
Click on aircraft number to find out more about the flight and their fate

W1041 ZA-B W1039 ZA-C W1052 ZA-K W1056 ZA-N W1038 ZA-O
W/C Bennett F/L Hacking W/O Peterson P/O Joyce P/O Godfrey
Sgt Walmsleu P/O Dempsey P/O Senior Sgt Martin Sgt Gibbons
Sgt Eyles F/Sgt Turner P/O Dickson F/Sgt ketterwell F/L Watts
Sgt Forbes Sgt Bradley F/Sgt LeClaire Sgt Anderson F/Sgt Beare
Sgt Murray Sgt Carson Sgt Savor Sgt Perry Sgt Mounsey
F/L How F/Sgt Porritt Sgt Hayes Sgt Laker F/Sgt Falkoski
F/Sgt Colgan Sgt MacFarland Sgt Manning Sgt Garson Sgt O'Conner
W1037 ZA-U W1057 ZA-X W1055 ZA-Z W1054 ZA-H
F/L Miller P/O Whyte Sgt Gribben F/Sgt Rochford
Sgt Gregory Sgt Saunders P/O Drake Sgt Rauch
P/O Roberts P/O Davie Sgt Siebert F/O Openshaw
Sgt Ryder F/Sgt Charlton Sgt Windle F/Sgt Clear
Sgt Stott Sgt Kent Sgt Simpson Sgt Mathias
Sgt Curran Sgt Reid F/Sgt Ellison F/Sgt Speer
Sgt Annable Sgt Rouse Sgt Wood Sgt Shannon

The 35 Squadron Aircraft and Crews
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W7657 TL-L W1047 TL-R W1048 TL-S W1049 TL-V W7656 TL-P W1019 TL-U
W/C J H Marks S/Ldr P H Cribb P/O MacIntyre F/Lt Jones F/L Petley F/O Lane
F/O A Abels P/O G Jackson P/O Hewitt Sgt Hawken Sgt Columbine Sgt Sykes
Sgt Flint Sgt Wing Sgt Perry Sgt Harvey Sgt Evans Sgt Thorpe
Sgt Prosser Sgt Ryan Sgt Blanchet Sgt Janes Sgt Cranstone Sgt Phillips
F/Sgt Russell F/Sgt Martin Sgt Wilson Sgt Carrington Sgt Pomroy Sgt Williams
Sgt Morris Sgt Storey Sgt Stevens Sgt Mitchell Sgt Price Sgt Haxby
W1051 TL-C W7658 TL-H W1020 TL-K W1053 TL-G W1050 TL-F
Sgt Brown S/Ldr Wilding F/L Pooles P/O Roe P/O Gardiner
P/O Harvey Sgt Reeve P/O C J Henry Sgt Williams Sgt Fuce
Sgt Long Sgt Mennell Sgt Rarity Sgt Morrison Sgt Hood
Sgt Ogg Sgt Giddens Sgt Wilstrop Sgt Russell Sgt Firth
Sgt Stewart Sgt Stanworth P/O Hill F/Sgt Parr Sgt Gingell
Sgt Burtonshaw Sgt Hindle Sgt Booth Sgt Butchart Sgt Gregson

The 44 Squadron Aircraft and Crews
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L7581 KM-R L7541 KM-U L7584 KM-S R5515 KM-A R5494 KM-O R5492 KM-M
F/Sgt Jones DFM F/Lt Barlow DFC P/O Nicholson W/O Stott DFM W/O Lamb W/O Osborn
Sgt Evans Sgt Knight P/O Holland F/Sgt White P/O Gardiner F/Sgt Rowan Parry
Sgt Dreman Sgt Robertson Sgt Rickard F/Sgt Willan Sgt Morrow Sgt Barr
F/Sgt Thirkall DFM F/Sgt Fairbrother Sgt Holland F/Sgt Allison Sgt Gottleib Sgt Hughes
Sgt Miller Sgt Johnson Sgt Stockley F/Sgt Copeland Sgt Norman Sgt Williamson
Sgt Ship Sgt Juggins F/Sgt Page F/Sgt Braines Sgt Jones F/Sgt Williams
F/Sgt Balus Sgt Miller F/Sgt Hagger F/Sgt Glynn Sgt Holman Sgt Brown

The 76 Squadron Aircraft and Crews
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R9447 MP-R W1013 MP-E W1006 MP-K W1018 MP-M R9454 MP-S R9451 MP-H
W/C Young S/L Iveson F/L Renaut F/L Warner Sgt Harwood F/Sgt Anderson
P/O Bowack Sgt Lloyd P/O Collins F/Sgt Roberts F/Sgt Scott Sgt Ilian
F/S Miner P/O Craine Sgt Carrad F/Sgt Gook Sgt Potts Sgt Gowers
Sgt Oldfield Sgt Elliott Sgt O'Reilly Sgt Herbert Sgt Lythgoe Sgt Redding
Sgt Spriggs Sgt Morrell Sgt Ellis Sgt Waddington Sgt Young Sgt Southward
F/L Croft Sgt Holmes Sgt Wiltshire P/O Greenway Sgt Petch F/Sgt LaFranchise
W1016 MP-B R9482 MP-D W7660 MP-L W1036 MP-Y R9486 MP-Q
F/Sgt Hobbs F/Sgt Stell F/Sgt Borsberry P/O Kofoed F/Sgt Clack
F/Sgt Garland Sgt Archer F/L Nwesham Sgt Nicholson P/O Waite
Sgt Charlesworth Sgt Brooks F/Sgt Pearce P/O Forbes F/Sgt Thomson
Sgt Roberts Sgt Barnett Sgt Smith Sgt Batchelor Sgt Williams
Sgt Jones Sgt Nelson Sgt Coates Sgt Muir Sgt Oram
Sgt Davison Sgt Greenwood Sgt Hoskins Sgt Barr Sgt Lawes
Sgt Gerrish Sgt Payne

The 97 Squadron Aircraft and Crews
Click on aircraft number to find out more about the flight and their fate

R5496 OF-U L7577 OF-T R5495 OF-N L7572 OF-L R5538 OF-H R5487 OF-V
S/L Dugdale F/L Coton F/O Maltby F/L Mackid F/O Blakeman W/O Rowlands
F/Sgt Croppi Sgt Kruger F/Sgt Lancey P/O Underwood P/O Blease P/O Briant
F/Sgt Bennett F/O Boddington Sgt Smith M R P/O Tree F/Sgt Shrybman P/O Durword
F/Sgt Turner F/Sgt Watkins Sgt Grimwood Sgt Marshall Sgt Nicoll F/Sgt Crerar
F/O Grieves Sgt Newell Sgt Rouse Sgt McDermott Sgt Allen Sgt Desmond
Sgt Martin F/Sgt Robinson C F/Sgt Legace Sgt Day P/O Weir F/Sgt Concannon
Sgt Linnett Sgt Middleton Sgt Humphrey Sgt Bennett Sgt McKendrie F/Sgt Jones C A

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