April 28/29th 1942 Tirpitz Raid

The ground crews worked hard all day to patch up the aircraft that had returned from the 27th April attack on Tirpitz in order to have as many of them as possible serviceable for the attack on the 28th.

It had been established after debriefing from the 27th that there had been too long a time scale between the first and second phases of the attack. The plans for the attack on the 28th were to remain the same as those made for the 27th with the exception of a change of timing between the first and second phase of the attack. This time the first phase would commence bombing between 0030 and 0040 hrs with the Lancasters from 44 and 97 Squadrons being joined by the Halifaxes of 76 Squadron to drop the 4,000 lb bombs. The fourteen serviceable Halifaxes from 10 and 35 Squadron would carry out the second phase, this time carrying five 1,000 lb mines each. They were to commence their attack between 0041 and 0050 hrs.

Again it was a bright moonlit night as the aircraft started to take off from the various airbases in the North East of Scotland to make their way over the North Sea to Norway. On reaching the Norwegian coast the visibility was good, however, the Germans were on their guard and soon the smoke barrels and vessels were emitting their screen and the targets vanished beneath it.

Bombing from 6,000 feet, and above, again the aircraft in the first phase were not all able to locate Tirpitz. Some bombed the ships in Lofjord and many of them also attacked AA and searchlight positions in the area and aerodromes.

The second phase went in and once more was flying over the fjord at 150 feet to drop their mines. Once again they encountered serious heavy flak from above and below them. The last aircraft left the area at 0130 hrs.

Two of the 34 aircraft that took off failed to return, both were from 35 Squadron.

W1053 TL-G flown by Flight Sergeant Johnny Roe and crew was hit by AA fire while flying over Tirpitz and caught fire. The pilot managed to crash land the aircraft on some farmland just east of Lake Movatnet and it came to a halt in a small wood. One member of the crew was killed, the others attempted to escape to Sweden but were captured and taken POW.

W7656 TL-P flown by F/L Petley and crew. The aircraft crash landed in Åsenfjord three miles from the shore. Two of the crew were killed in the crash while the rest were captured and taken POW.

In the days following the attack, it again became clear that no lasting or serious damage had been inflicted on Tirpitz.

On the 29th and 30th April the crews and remaining serviceable aircraft left Scotland and returned to their home bases.

The map below shows the location of Tirpitz in Fættenfjord and the positions of flak guns, smoke vessels, searchlights and other German shipping.

The 10 Squadron Aircraft and Crews
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W1039 ZA-C W1058 ZA-L W1038 ZA-O W1057 ZA-X W1040 ZA-P W1052 ZA-K W1055 ZA-Z
W/O Peterson W/O Lloyd P/O Godfrey P/O Whyte Sgt Gribben F/Sgt Rochford P/O Murray
P/O Senior P/O Hillier Sgt Gibbons Sgt Saunders P/O Drake P/O Dempsey Sgt Rauch
P/O Dickson Sgt Darby F/L Watts P/O Davis Sgt Siebert F/O Openshaw Sgt Jenkins
F/Sgt LeClaire F/Sgt Guertin F/Sgt Beare F/Sgt Charlton Sgt Windle F/Sgt Clear Sgt Howells
Sgt Savor Sgt Rycroft Sgt Mounsey Sgt Kent Sgt Simpson Sgt Mathias Sgt Bevan
Sgt Hayes Sgt Gifford F/Sgt Falkoski Sgt Reid F/Sgt Ellison F/Sgt Speer Sgt Culverwell
Sgt Manning Sgt Thain Sgt O'Conner Sgt Rouse Sgt Wood Sgt Shannon Sgt Tomkins

The 35 Squadron Aircraft and Crews
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W7656 TL-P W1053 TL-G W1049 TL-V W7658 TL-H W1051 TL-C W1050 TL-F W1047 TL-R
F/L Petley P/O Roe F/L Jones S/L Wilding Sgt Brown P/O Gardiner S/L Cribb
Sgt Columbine Sgt Williams Sgt Hawken Sgt Reeve P/O Harvey Sgt Fuce P/O G.Jackson
Sgt Evans Sgt Morrison Sgt Harvey Sgt Mennell Sgt Long Sgt Hood Sgt Wing
Sgt Cranstone Sgt Russell Sgt Janes Sgt Giddens Sgt Ogg Sgt Firth Sgt Ryan
Sgt Pomroy Sgt Parr Sgt Carrington Sgt Stanworth Sgt Stewart Sgt Gingell F/Sgt Martin
Sgt Price Sgt Butchart Sgt Mitchell Sgt Hindle Sgt Burtonshaw Sgt Gregson Sgt Storey

The 44 Squadron Aircraft and Crews
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L7541 KM-U L7584 KM-S R5515 KM-A L7545 KM-K R5492 KM-M R5494 KM-O
F/Lt Barlow P/O Nicholson W/O Stott W/C Wright W/O Osborn W/O Lamb
Sgt Knight P/O Holland F/Sgt White Sgt Hogan F/Sgt Rowan Parry P/O Gardiner
Sgt Robertson Sgt Rickard F/Sgt Willan P/O Evans Sgt Barr Sgt Morrow
F/Sgt Fairbrother Sgt Holland F/Sgt Allison F/Sgt Byrne Sgt Hughes Sgt Gottleib
Sgt Johnson Sgt Stockley F/Sgt Copeland F/Sgt Rowaell Sgt Williamson Sgt Norman
Sgt Juggin F/Sgt Page F/Sgt Braines F/Sgt Bickley F/Sgt Williams Sgt Jones
Sgt Miller F/Sgt Hagger F/Sgt Glynn F/Sgt Gill Sgt Brown Sgt Holman

The 76 Squadron Aircraft and Crews
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W1036 MP-Y R9451 MP-H W1014 MP-V R9482 MP-D W7660 MP-L
P/O Kofoed F/Sgt Anderson F/Sgt Clack F/Sgt Stell F/Sgt Borsberry
Sgt Nicholson Sgt Ilian P/O Waite Sgt Archer F/L Newsham
P/O Forbes Sgt Gowers F/Sgt Thomson Sgt Brooks F/S Pearce
Sgt Batchelor Sgt Redding Sgt Williams Sgt Barnett Sgt Smith
Sgt Muir Sgt Southward Sgt Oram Sgt Nelson Sgt Coates
Sgt Barr F/Sgt LaFranchise Sgt Lawes Sgt Greenwood Sgt Hoskins
Sgt Gerrish Sgt Payne
R9454 MP-S R9447 MP-R W1006 MP-K W1016 MP-B
Sgt Harwood W/C Young F/L Renaut F/L Warner
F/Sgt Scott P/O Bowack P/O Collins F/Sgt Roberts
Sgt Potts F/Sgt Miner Sgt Carrad F/Sgt Gook
Sgt Lythgoe Sgt Oldfield Sgt O'Reilly Sgt Herbert
Sgt Young Sgt Spriggs Sgt Ellis Sgt Waddington
Sgt Petch F/L Croft Sgt Wiltshire P/O Greenway

The 97 Squadron Aircraft and Crews
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R5502 OF-M R5496 OF-U L7577 OF-T R5495 OF-N R5487 OF-V
W/O Harrison S/L Dugdale F/L Coton F/O Maltby W/O Rowlands
Sgt Crouch F/Sgt Croppi Sgt Kruger F/Sgt Lancey P/O Briant
Sgt Platten F/Sgt Bennett F/O Boddinton Sgt Smith M R P/O Dorward
Sgt Preston F/Sgt Turner F/Sgt Watkins Sgt Grimwood F/Sgt Grerar
Sgt Farara F/O Grieves Sgt Newell Sgt Rouse Sgt Desmond
F/Sgt Oates Sgt Martin F/Sgt Robinson F/Sgt Legace F/Sgt Concannon
Sgt Townley Sgt Linnett Sgt Middleton Sgt Humphrey F/Sgt Jones C A

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