W1056 ZA-N from 10 Squadron

On 27th April 1942, the crew of Halifax W1056 ZA-N from 10 Squadron took off at 2104 hrs from RAF Lossiemouth on the North East coast of Scotland to participate in an attack on the German Battleship Tirpitz which was moored at the time in Fættenfjord in Norway.

The target was attacked at 0147 hrs from 1,500 feet. Visibility was reported as being good but the target was obscured by a smoke screen. The crew map read their way back into the fjord and did not observe the results of the attack. One mine hung up and was brought back. Intense and accurate flak was encountered from both sides of the fjord when attacking.

The aircraft and crew returned safely to RAF Lossiemouth landing at 0621 hrs on 28th April 1942.

Crew Position
Home Town
P/O JOYCE Pilot Returned
Sgt MARTIN 2nd Pilot Returned
F/Sgt KETTLEWELL Navigator Returned
Sgt ANDERSON W/OP Air Gunner Returned
Sgt PERRY W/OP Air Gunner Returned
Sgt LAKER Tail Gunner Returned
Sgt GARSON Flight Engineer Returned

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