21st August 2014
  • Back to updating after some years of technical problems! Progress may be slow as I relearn how to edit and update a website. The links page has been purged and all dead links removed. New link added to www.kenfentonswar.com a website by Nick Fenton.
2nd July 2008
  • New link to Halifax Heroes website by JJ's girl added to Links page.
4th March 2007
  • Photograph of Pilot, S/Ldr Fred Webster, added to W1043 ZA-F page thanks to recent contact made with his nieces.
24th February 2007
  • Archie - A Pilot in RAF Bomber Command website moved to own domain name www.archieraf.co.uk - further updates and changes will be added in the following weeks/months. My other website WWII Aviation Crash Sites in Scotland is also hosted on the same domain. Please be sure to change your bookmarks/favourites to the new addresses.
26th June 2005
  • New page added detailing my recent trip to Hemnefjord, Norway with the relatives of two 10 Squadron airmen lost during the March 1942 attacks on Tirpitz.
12th April 2005
8th October 2004
18th September 2004
  • New page added, 'Fishing' for a Halifax, with information about the discovery and recovery of Halifax W1048 TL-S now in display in the RAF Museum, Hendon, London.
28th May 2004
20th May 2004
  • I have made some alterations to the colours used on the website which hopefully will make it easier to view on flat screen monitors.
16th January 2004
18th December 2003
14th November 2003
3rd October 2003
  • The Diary of P/O Neil R. Blunden RNZAF. The daily diary entries of a young NZ Airman starting from the day he sailed from his homeland to the UK via Canada. Read how he heard about the sinking of HMS Hood and the German Battleship, Bismarck while at sea between Canada and the UK. His first impressions of the UK, meeting the King and Queen, a full account of life at OTU, joining his 1st Squadron, 10 Sqdn, flying his first ops. The entries stop the day before he was killed on March 30th 1942 on an operation to bomb Tirpitz in Norway. The highs and lows and the day to day life of one young airman as he saw it at the time.
  • Several new links added to list on 'Links' page - access from menu at top of page.
26th September 2003
24th September 2003
  • Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund to close Alastrean House, their only Scottish Care Home. Please read this and lend your support if you can.
  • Several new links added to list on 'Links' page - access from menu at top of page.
25th June 2003
18th June 2003

12th June 2003

8th June 2003
  • I have recently spent a week in Norway with John 'Jock' Morrison W/Op from Halifax W1053 TL-G which was shot down on April 28/29 1942 during an operation against Tirpitz. In the following days/weeks I will be updating the website with information and pictures from our visit. Meanwhile you can read some of the articles which were published in the local Norwegian newspapers during our visit by following the links listed below:
  • http://www.t-a.no/ (in the box that says 'På våre nettsider' type 'morrison' to search for the relevant news items)
  • http://www.adressa.no/trondheim/article.jhtml?articleID=426600

1st May 2003

30th March 2003
  • On the 61st Anniversary of the March 30/31 attack against Tirpitz by the RAF, I have added a new memorial to the 'Memorials' page, and also a new page with further information about the Aircrew Association Memorial Bandstand in Inverness which commemorates the loss of all those who flew from bases in the North of Scotland and who did not return.
  • Another airman, Sergeant James 'Hamish' Dunlop, from the crew of Halifax W1015 TL-P lost during Tirpitz op on 30/31 March 1942 has been identified in a crew photograph on this site.
25th February 2003

16th February 2003
  • Another airman, P/O Brown, from the crew of Halifax W1015 TL-P lost during Tirpitz ops has been identified in a crew photograph on this site.
  • Photographs of three of the crew, F/Sgt Steinhauer, P/O Brown and F/Sgt Goodrum, from W1015 TL-P have been added to the page about this aicraft and crew.
  • Two new links added to 'Links' page. Visit this page from the main menu above.

25th January 2003

4th January 2003
  • Added new photographs of two crew members from 10 Sqdn Halifax W1043 ZA-F, Sgt Hall & P/O Leney.
  • New links added to 'Links' page for Tracey Holroyd Smiths web site - Sunny's Story, and Stephen Matthews tribute web site about his uncle Pilot Officer E F C Matthews.
  • Dead links removed from site, please let me know if you encounter difficulties with any of the links and I will investigate.

7th December 2002
  • Added new photograph and updated text on W1039 ZA-C from 10 Squadron page.
  • Updated text on W1052 ZA-K from 10 Squadron page.
  • New link added to 'Links' page for David Earls new web site 'High Wrecks in the UK and Northern Ireland'.

17th November 2002
  • Added new photographs to W1041 ZA-B page of crash site in 1942 and present day.
  • Added new link on Links Page to Alastrean House web site.
  • Updated information on W1039 ZA-C page for 28/29 April 1942 Tirpitz op after talking to some of the surviving crew members.

12th November 2002

New page added. A profile of Pilot Officer Samuel Robert Leney, Air Gunner onboard Halifax W1043 ZA-F from 10 Squadron.

27th October 2002

Photograph of Pilot Officer Neil Blunden from Halifax W1044 ZA-D from 10 Squadron, lost on 30/31 March 1942 during op against Tirpitz added. My grateful thanks to Adrian Wallis.

23rd October 2002

New page added to site about the RAF Missing Research Enquiry Service.

New site added to Links page. 97 Squadron by Heather Birch.

19th October 2002

New photograph added to the Memorials page of memorial cairn at Loch a' Chàirn Bhàin.

New site added to Links page. World War II Aviation Crash Sites in Scotland

4th October 2002

Added an image of Beningbrough Hall to the 35 Squadron page. Thanks Auntie Molly!

Added an image of Skellfield House to the 102 Squadron page.

30th September 2002

Thanks to information received via New Zealand, Sgt Gregory has been identified as the airman in a photograph of a previously unidentified member of the crew of W1037 ZA-U of 10 Squadron.

New site added to the Links page. Czechoslovak Airmen in the RAF 1940-45.

22nd September 2002

Panoramic photograph of crash site area added for 10 Squadron Halifaxes W1043 and W1044 which were lost on March 30/31st Tirpitz Op.

18th September 2002

New photograph added to R9496 TL-L page of Sergeant Samuel Palmer my grandfather's Flight Engineer.

Flight Sergeant Lewis Goodrum has been identified as one of the men in the photograph of Flight Sergeant George Steinhauers crew from Halifax W1015 TL-P

4th September 2002

New page added. A profile of RNZAF Pilot Officer Neil Ralph Blunden pilot of Halifax W1044 ZA-D from 10 Squadron.

More websites added to Links.

27th August 2002

I am trying to trace the relatives of the airmen who flew with my grandfather. Please read this page to see if you can help me.

25th August 2002

I have added a Site Map below the menu on the Main page to help you locate the pages that are not listed on the main menu.

21st August 2002

Photograph of F/Sgt George Steinhauer from Halifax W1015 TL-P of 35 Squadron and an as yet unidentified crew added:-

7th July 2002

Photographs added to the following pages:-
W1037 ZA-U from 10 Squadron

6th July 2002

Photographs added to the following pages:-
R9438 TL-H from 35 Squadron
W1020 TL-K from 35 Squadron

16th June 2002

Photographs added to the following pages:-
W1015 TL-P from 35 Squadron
W1043 ZA-F from 10 Squadron
W1044 ZA-D from 10 Squadron

11th June 2002

Photograph added to W1015 TL-P from 35 Squadron page of the crew from the AA Boat, Sachse, that shot the aircraft down.

3rd June 2002

Added link to Trondheim Stavne Cemetery page to a new page with memorials.

2nd June 2002

New page added. The amazing story of a 35 Squadron Halifax crew flying L9512 TL-U who were shot down during an attack against the German Battleship Scharnhorst on 24th July 1941 and how they finally flew back to their home base some 40 years later.

21st April 2002

New page added. A profile of Geoffrey Hillam Gurr Murray , RAAF, 35 Squadron Navigator.

9th April 2002

Photograph to mark the 60th Anniversary of the March 30/31st attack against Tirpitz and to honour those who lost their lives added to Trondheim Stavne Cemetery page.

8th April 2002

Archie - A Pilot in RAF Bomber Command web site received a Percy Award.

27th March 2002

The 'Main' page of the site has been slightly changed. The link to this 'Updates' page has been enlarged in order to make it easier to find. Also, Nigel Smith now has a web site with details about his book 'Undaunted' and a link to this has been added to the 'Links' page of my site in place of the e-mail contact that was on the 'Main' page.

26th March 2002

Archie - A Pilot in RAF Bomber Command web site is officially launched almost exactly 60 years after the March 1942 attack against Tirpitz when Archie lost his life.

This site is dedicated not only to all those who gave their lives during WW2, but to those who survived and also to the those who waited at home hoping for the safe return of their loved ones.

26th March 2002

An article written by Morten Moe about the web site and some of the aircraft crashes appeared in the Norwegian paper, Adresseavisen. Follow this link to the article in their online edition of the newspaper: http://www.adressa.no/nyheter/article.jhtml?articleID=315731
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