An enormous number of people have helped me to gather together much of the information found on this web site. It is thanks to them that I have been able to piece together the fates of some of the aircrews who were killed in action during WW2. Relatives of many of the men who were killed knew little or nothing regarding the fates of their loved ones, the aircraft simply being reported as 'missing'. As one of those relatives I extend my sincere and heartfelt thanks to all those who have assisted me in my quest to discover what happened to my grandfather over 60 years ago. Thank you all.
Linzee Druce now Linzee Duncan.

This web site could not have been made with out the help and support of a great number of people. In no particular order, my grateful thanks and appreciation go to the following:

John Morrison
Murray & Lynley Ives
Morten Moe and the Norwegian people he talked to
Solveig Skjelstad
Ed Cooke
Adrian Wallis & Family
John Asmussen
George Coates
Monty Burton
The Reynolds Family
Bill Stevenson 35 Sqdn Associaton
Jason Willis-Richard
H E Batchelder
Leslie Leney and Wynne Hines
My friends at Alastrean House
Mr G Dickson
Mr R Manning
Paul Gribbons
Mr T Thackray & Mr D Evans
Nigel and Patsy Smith
Mr M How
Bob Body
Dave Johnstone
David and Anne Bennett
Paul Middleton
Stanley Greaves
Einar Bjørsmo
Ernie 'Connie' Constable
Olav Vikvang
Tore Eggan
Oddlaug Sørmo
Rusty Williams
Gudmund and Petter Trætli
Kurt Reichmuth
Ingvald Arnstad
Ottilie Furunes
Tormod Langeland
Steinar Furunes
Egil Sørmo
Kjell Sørensen
Athol Murray
John Colgan
Mrs B Soanes
Nils Aukan
The Hoel Family
Tony Lomax


RAF Bomber Command Losses by W R Chorley
Tirpitz The Halifax Raids by Nigel Smith
Tirpitz Hunting the Beast by John Sweetman
Sink the Tirpitz by Leonce Peillard
Tail Gunner by Squadron Leader R C Rivaz
RAF Squadrons by Wing Commander C G Jefford
Minner fra krigen Smøla 1940-1945
Hemne under okkupasjonstiden by Albert Kvikne

Public Records Office, Kew, London
Commonwealth War Graves Commission
National Archives of Australia

Various online sources


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