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Bismarck and Tirpitz
A detailed, informative and ever expanding site by John Asmussen covering the history of the battleships of the Bismarck Class - Bismarck and Tirpitz. If you want to know more about these two ships then this is the place to find the answers.

Scharnhorst and Gneisenau
Another detailed, informative and ever expanding site by John Asmussen covering the history of the battleships of the Scharnhorst Class - Scharnhorst and Gneisenau.

Flyvrak - WWII Aircraft Wreck Sites in Norway
Take a cyber visit to Norway and see what remains of some of the WWII aircraft that crashed there during WWII on Kjell Sørensens excellent Flyvrak site.

57 Rescue Halifax Forum
Jill and Ian Fosters Handley-Page Halifax forum. An excellent place to find out all you need to know about the mighty Halifax.

RAF Commands
Ross McNeil is charting the growing movement and equipment history of the squadrons and associated units forming RAF Commands during the period September 1939 to August 1945. There is also an excellent Message Board on this site.

RAF Knights
A site by Monty Burton who was one of the RAF Knights

World War II Memories
Ken Arnold is dedicated to telling the stories of air & ground crew veterans from all nations who fought the Second World War, Korea & Vietnam.

The Handley Page Halifax Site
Steve Ballance has details about the bases they flew from and all about the Handley Page Halifax aircraft.

161 Squadron - In Memory of Flt Lt J W Menzies
Bob Body pays tribute to his uncle, a Special Duties Pilot who lost his life while flying with 161 Squadron.

Airshipsonline is the home site for The Airship Heritage Trust. Find out all you ever wanted to know about airshipsThe Trust is a charitable organisation currently based at Old Warden, Bedfordshire, England. They own and are responsible for the national heritage archive and collection of airship artefacts and photographs relating to the British Airship Programme from it's early days at the turn of the century to the Skyships of the 1980's.

RAF Little Rissington, Gloucestershire
A history of RAF Little Rissington and those who served there.

Gianmaria Spagnoletti's Web Site
The history of Ghedi aerodrome and more. Available in no less than four languages!

Bob Baxter's Bomber Command
Dedicated to the thousands of men from all nations who flew with bravery and dedication on operations with the RAF Bomber Command during WWII.

MacRobert's Reply
A site dedicated to the RAF aircraft which have borne the famous name 'MacRobert's Reply'. The history of the MacRobert name, it's association with the RAF, the specific aircraft and their crews and lots more. Written by Phil Jeffs, son of the sole survivor of the 2nd MacRobert's Reply, Sgt Don Jeffs.

19 Operational Training Unit RAF
The history, times and much, much more of 19 OTU which was formed at RAF Kinloss in 1940.

New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museum
The New Zealand Fighter Pilots Museums' main purpose is to honour and record the history of New Zealand Fighter Pilots and their crew and to educate the public about their history.

Wellington Aviation Museums
A museum dedicated to all those who served or who passed through RAF Moreton-in-Marsh.

The RAAF 467-463 Lancaster Squadrons WW2 History
This site by Peter Johnson has been created to commemorate the people, the deeds, the mateship, and is dedicated to the crews who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their beliefs and to those crews who survived the conflict of WWII.

Czechoslovak Airmen in the RAF 1940-1945
A site by Pavel Vancata from the Czech Republic about the airmen from Czechoslovakia who flew in the Royal Air Force during WWII.

World War II Aviation Crash Sites in Scotland
A little wee web site documenting WWII aviation crash sites in Scotland visited by Linzee Druce.

Aircraft Crash Sites of Scotland
Two men and a dog! Tommy, Flash and Dogbreath (that's the dog!) explore some of Scotlands aircraft crash sites.

97 Squadron
97 Squadron Association Website

High Ground Wrecks in the UK and Northern Ireland
Author David Earl aims to perpetuate the memories of all those airmen who failed to return and honour all those who survived high ground flying accidents.

Scottish Island & Faroe Isles Air Crashes
Another website by David Earl covering military aircraft accidents on and around the Northern Scottish Isles, Hebrides and Faroe Isles.

Sunny's Story
Tracy Holroyd-Smiths web site charting her research to discover more about her Grandmother's brother who died in April 1944 on an op to Dusseldorf with 514 Squadron.

Tribute to Pilot Officer E F C Matthews and Crew
Tribute site by Stephen Matthews about his uncle, Pilot Officer E F C Matthews and crew of 78 Squadron.

Bill Norman's Book Page
Books relating to the air war over North Eastern England

The War Time Memories Project
A very worthwhile project dedicated to collecting and preserving the memories of those who lived through WW2 for the benefit of future generations.

WWII Airfields in Oxfordshire
A photographic record of the many airbases that were situated in Oxforshire during WWII.

The Shetland Bus
'The Shetland Bus', 'Hands Across the Sea' and 'Shetland Larsen' are all names associated with the Shetland based boat operation to and from Norway, that took place during the Second World War (1939 - 1945). This website is dedicated to all those who gave of their lives in the extremely hazardous boat trips between Shetland and Norway, to assist the Norwegian resistance movement. The conditions under which they operated, the difficulties of crossing the North Sea at night, with no lights and far from any possible help, can scarcely be imagined today. Always present in the minds of those on board would have been the threat of discovery and the risk of being shot at by German planes or boats, and possibly captured when they finally reached the Norwegian coast. If you don't know the story of The Shetland Bus read this site and learn about some totally incredible people.

The Avro Lancaster and Manchester Archive
Larry Wright's pages about the Lancasters and Manchesters of Bomber Command.

WWII Cemeteries in Trondheim, Norway
By Liv Johansen in Trondheim, a poignant pictorial record of the cemeteries.

Aircrew Association - Saltire Branch
The Aircrew Association (ACA) exists to foster comradeship amongst those who, having been awarded an official flying badge, have qualified to operate military aircraft and are serving or have served, as military aircrew in the armed forces of those nations allied to the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth. Visit the Saltire Branch website here.

Local Aviation History in Bedford and NE Scotland
Colin MacKenzie's excellent and informative site about aviation history in Bedfordshire and North East Scotland

99 Squadron RAF, 1939-1945
Martin Bonds site which aims to record from photographs and perhaps more importantly, from the experiences of those who took part, in whatever capacity, the whole of 99 Squadron's experience from the outbreak of hostilities in 1939 to the disbandment of the Squadron in 1945.

Tigers Revenge
The story about the ten American airmen and their aircraft who crash landed in Brunlanes, Norway on the 21st of April 1945. They were out on a "Carpetbagger" mission supplying the Norwegian resistance when, approaching the target they were engaged by a German Messerschmitt 110 and later by German "Flak". The aircraft was shot down and nine of the airmen were rescued by the local resistance - one died.

Aircraft Crash Research in Southern Norway
Thomas Sørdalens web site featuring his research into WW2 aircraft lost in Southern Norway.

North Yorkshire Moors Aircraft Crashes
Aircraft crashes and accidents in the North Yorkshire Moors researched by Rich Allenby.

The Historic Radar Archive
A growing archive about radar in the UK.

211 Squadron RAF
A history of 211 (Bomber) Squadron RAF in WW2 by Don Clark. Vast amounts of information about the Squadron and an exceptional links page.

431 and 434 Squadrons
A site commemorating Pilot Officer W.G. Sorel 431 Squadron and Pilot Officer C V Soderstrom.

RAF Banff 1943 - 1945
The history of RAF Banff between 1943 and 1945.

Lancaster ME699 KM-T
A sons school project that inspired his father to discover more about his father. By Mike Wainwright and son.

The Royal Naval Reserve Service Record of John Wilson
Dedicated to Skipper Lieutenant John Wilson DSC RD RNR by his grandson, Forbes Wilson.

UK Warbirds
A guide to airworthy WWII era aircraft in the UK by Danni & Justyn Keeble

Halifax Heroes
Dedicated to 14 courageous airmen who lost their lives on the 19th August 1943 by JJ's Girl.

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