R9486 MP-Q from 76 Squadron

On 27th April 1942, the crew of Halifax R9486 MP-Q from 76 Squadron took off at 2008 hrs from RAF Tain on the North East coast of Scotland to participate in an attack on the German Battleship Tirpitz which was moored at the time in Fættenfjord in Norway.

The crew reported visibility as being extremely good throughout the operation with a clear sky. It was possible to map read right up to the target area. This aircraft arrived in the target area too late to attack the Tirpitz, orders having been issued to all aircraft flying in the first phase of the attack that they were not to carry out the attack after a particular time in order that they did not interfere with the second phase of the attack which was to follow them. Instead they attacked the secondary target, the German ships in Lofjord, Admiral Scheer and Prince Eugen at 0045 hrs. The burst was seen, but no other results observed. Four 250 lb bombs were jettisoned live in the Trondheim area at 0110 hrs. Heavy flak rendered the port inner engine and hydraulics u/s and the aircraft had to make the journey back to base on three engines. At 0235 hrs they sent out an SOS, however, this was later cancelled.

The aircraft and crew were the last of the 76 Squadron aircraft to return to RAF Tain landing at 0524 hrs on 28th April 1942.

Force Crew Position Age
Home Town
F/Sgt CLACK Pilot Returned
P/O WAITE 2nd Pilot Returned
F/Sgt THOMSON Navigator Returned
Sgt WILLIAMS W/Op Air Gunner Returned
Sgt ORAM W/Op Air Gunner Returned
Sgt LAWES Flight Engineer Returned
Sgt PAYNE Tail Gunner Returned

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