World War II Aviation Crash Sites in Scotland

Anson N9857
Beinn an Fhurain
Oxford PH404
Beinn a' Bhuird
Wellington R1646
Glen Clunie
Halifax LL414
Glen Isla
Halifax LK901
Wellington L7775
Beinn a' Bhuird
Hudson AM883
Clova Hill
Links Wallace K6028
Meteor WA882
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Last updated August 2014

I was dragged up one mountain too many as a child and it kind of put me off for a while. Apologies to my parents, but it's true! However, now that I'm a 'grown up' I'll sometimes voluntarily get back out there into the hills and mountains of Scotland, particularly if there is something of interest to go and see. As I've been researching the loss of my grandfather who was in the RAF during WWII it has made me more aware of the stories behind the wreckage that is left behind. The stories should be told and the men who were lost deserve to be honoured and remembered.

This is just a wee website with a few details and some pictures of the sites I have visited in Scotland so far. It might remain a wee website as I will require periods between each expedition to recover from the uphill bits. It doesn't matter how many times anyone tells me that it will be worth it for the view etc. I've heard it all before and it simply doesn't wash. At any rate, nine times out of ten there's mist down to your knees so the view is always the same - grey and swirly!

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