R9453 MP-K from 76 Squadron

On 30th March 1942, the crew of Halifax R9453 MP-K from 76 Squadron took off at 1832 hrs from RAF Tain on the North East coast of Scotland to participate in an attack on the German Battleship Tirpitz which was moored at the time in Fættenfjord in Norway.

This aircraft failed to return to base. A ground tracking station gave the aircraft a "FIX" at 2352 hrs, and 14 Group reported that she had flown over Sumburgh at 0210 hrs. Presumably given these timings the aircraft had been to the target and was en route back to RAF Tain when something obviously went wrong. The aircraft was believed to have ditched in the sea some 18 miles off Sumburgh Head. Nothing further was heard from the aircraft or crew.

Some twenty aircraft and two Royal Navy destroyers made an intensive search of the area for traces of the aircraft or crew, but no trace was found.

The body of Squadron Leader Burdett was recovered and was buried in Lerwick New Cemetery on Shetland in September 1942, the other members of the crew from this aircraft are remembered on the Runnymede Memorial, Surrey in England.

Force Crew Position Age
Home Town
S/L BURDETT Pilot Died
P/O BOWSHER 2nd Pilot Died
F/S CADGER Navigator Died
F/Sgt FLETCHER W/Op Air Gunner Died
Sgt DAVIS W/Op Air Gunner Died
Sgt MARTIN Tail Gunner Died
Sgt HANSON Flight Engineer Died

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